by Janne Kummer aka.alaska, in collaboration with Anton Krause, Olga Hohmann & Johannes Aue

Can humans unfold as new sensory beings? In the virtual performance  XOwB on February 11th 2022, Janne Kummer aka.alaska, Anton Krause and Olga Hohmann speculated on future artifacts that might enable humans to better explore their senses and to break free from rigid normative rules and expectations put on them through a patriarchal system. Staged as a musical future-folktale of bodiless organs, the hybrid performance by aka.alaska and her collaborators invited the audiences to physically engage with the artists through a soft robot by triggering it via an online multiplayer platform.* 
XOwB = Kisses without bodies
XO = hugs & kisses        X = Xeno        OwB = Organs without bodies

“Someone once said:

A body is long, wide, high and deep: all this to a greater or smaller degree. A body is extended. It touches other bodies with every side. A body is corpulent even if it is lean.

Let us remember - bodies. 

Remember with us . Your body.

The body as they knew it, had been falling apart many years ago. 

There is no single shell anymore, there is only an ocean, made out of the multitudes of organs.

The organs remained only by themselves, bubbling, bursting, functioning with one another, but without an order - they changed places, they changed spaces, they changed shapes constantly.  

They cooperate, they collaborate - always in a different-, always in the same way. 

Go, find your bodiless organs! Find out where they are, find out how they function! 


*Since October 2021, the development of the multiplayer is supported by XR_Unites at HTW Berlin and funded by the ERDF in the programme »Strengthening Innovation Potential in Culture II« (INP-II).

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